Guilty Crown Opening and Ending Thoughts

Heavy spoilers ahead!!

It took me a year to finish but I finally did it. It’s not a simple show about good vs evil nor is it a Japanese high school slice of life drama. It’s about bearing the guilt of using your friends, their mind body and soul.
Shu ouma is a 16 year old high school student in 2029 with a sort of normal life. But he is soon roped into a conspiracy involving biochemical weapons ad terrorism. The situation gets so bad, that UN decides to annihilate the entire island nation of Japan.
The story is structured backwards where things are revealed towered the end. The end is where it began.

The first opening is ‘my dearest’ by Supercell (the band that pretty much gave the entire soundtrack for the show using a fake band – egoist)

English Lyrics :

so, everything that makes me whole
Now I’ll offer it to you
I’m Yours

Hey, there is plenty of happiness
in this world
If we’re together someday—

Even if someone calls you a liar
and tries to hurt you with heartless words—
Even if the world tries to make you wear a crown of thorns
without even trying to believe in you—
I can be on your side and no one else’s
I know your loneliness and pain
so, everything that makes me whole
Now I’ll offer it to you
I’m Yours

The opening song is sung by Inori Yuzuriha, the female lead – most songs are depicted as been sung by Inori. It captures her feelings very well. In the first half of the series, she is a person who is just getting to know Shu. She already gave him her heart (teh sword void) and is now coming to terms with the consequences. Nevertheless, she trusts him as a friend and allows him to use her void in instances that can very much kill her. She decides to form her own opinion of Shu instead of what the members of the funeral parlour say about him. Towards the end of the first half, she is ready face any danger for him and with him. She is also in my opinion the most ‘human’ character on the show.

The video gives us a brief glimpse of Shu and Inori’s first meeting. We also get a visual of all the major characters in the show. One of the best thing about the opening sequence is the transitions that compliment the mellow beats of the first verse and then scenes of battle zipping through the scene as the chorus picks up. ‘My dearest’ is one of the best ballads in the show’s OST.

The first ending song ‘departures ~ anata ni okuru ai no uta..’ by EGOIST ( a fake online band formed by the members of the already in existence band supercell – ingenius)

English lyrics:

I’m no longer loved by you
nor am I needed by you
And in this way, I’ll be all alone
What did you say back then?
The words that didn’t reach me hung in midair.
Even though I know it, today, I’ll still make
a wish that won’t come true

Please don’t let go
Keep holding my hand tight
Say, “I’ll keep going, together with you”
Your hand that was joined with mine felt warm
and tender.

This song concentrates more on Inori’s feelings as she tries to come to terms with the fact that she is not human, and will probably never be treated like one.She feels lonely and only wishes to be accepted . Her wish to be treated like a human is quite reminiscent of the story of Pinocchio, only that Shu is her blue fairy and her only true link with the humans. She is in full submission of her body, mind and soul and trusts him to use her heart /void to fight against the villains. The slow pacing of the song and low key scale is just like Inori’s mannerisms and actions in the series.

The second opening is ‘the everlasting guilty crown’ by again EGOIST.

English lyrics:

The symphony of collapse resonates
and the falling rain sounds just like tears

So please realize

That your eyes are for recognizing you and me
That your voice is for conveying your feelings
That your hands are for joining with the people important to you

To all those who are alive
and hearing my song—
The truth lies within your heart
Because even when I go through the stormy sea
It gives me
a strength that will never be daunted.

My most favourite song in the series.

Things get serious in the second half. It isn’t just a fight between government and rebels. Gai is dead, Inori is slowly going dark and Shu is overburdened by the responsibility of protecting all the students of Tennozu high, (since they are going to die anyway, how about we get Nazi on them). Shu is drowning under the pressure of performing in front of everyone, to be the said King who wears the guilty crown of using everyone to save them, ironically risking their lives at the same time. The only person he confides in is Inori. Though she is faced by her own troubles with Mana trying to take over, resulting in a lot of monstrous behaviour, she doesn’t trouble Shu and wants to absorb all his pain. In order to save his life she goes to the point of leaving him behind and going to fight Gai on her own.

“Because even when I go through the stormy sea
It gives me
a strength that will never be daunted.”

The second ending song is ‘kokuhaku’ by Supercell

English lyrics:

Left behind in a world like this
All alone, what should I think about?

Spending time away, adding to my growing thoughts
You stayed close to me like that the entire time
I took you for granted, but you’re gone
And now I know how heavy that feels

If I had grabbed your hand tight
and didn’t let go on that day–
In the end, I only
satisfied myself alone

I’m a total liar because of this
while saying, “I’m doing it for you”
But even the words that I whispered won’t reach you

I’ll run to where you are
No matter how many times
I stumble or get lost
Keep waiting for me, because I’ll get to you right now
No matter what hardships exist here.

Ok, so I will be honest here. Since the series had picked up both in pace and size in the second half, I always skipp

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  1. That’s a really interesting way of looking at the series! :3 I had fun reading this 🙂


    1. Taichi says:

      Thank you! ^^


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