Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

Summer 2016
Directed by : Tetsuro Araki
Written by : Ichiro Okouchi
Music by : Hiroyuki Sawano
Studio : Wit Studio
Available on : Amazon Prime, Netflix


By May

Attack on titan meets Snowpiercer

Kabaneri… is set in the world of steampunk imperial Japan. That has been run over by zombie-like creatures called kabane. They, much like zombies, come into being as humans are inflicted by a virus. Suffering a kabane bite or getting injected with kabane blood would turn one into a kabane themselves. That’s about the gist of it. And why Snowpiercer? The people of Japan have found a way to work around the kabane. Humongous trains pulled by steam engines are used to transport people, food and weapons. What more do you need?

The plot and world set up for the show is really interesting but they don’t go into much depth. At least not as much as Attack on Titan. Although I don’t think it’s fair to compare any show to that juggernaut. There are 12 episodes and they are all more or less focussed solely on the characters. And we have a colorful cast to boost. Our shounen main character Ikoma. But this time, he’s a nerd. Our fan bait Mumei. She is like if Levi and Historia had a child. And she really is indeed a child. And I promise this is where the attack on titan comparisons stop. Ayane, the unassuming leader who is pushed to her position with her father’s death, and her straight laced right hand man Kurusu. Ikoma also has friends, Takumi, Kajika, Yukari and Yukina. But we barely get to spend any time with any of them. Two scenes per character at most. Like the anime version of one line description of each of the characters. Ayame, Ikoma and Mumei are the only ones that get any development throughout the show. For an original anime show, the premise and setting are interesting and have a lot of potential for development. There is a movie sequel, but it is essentially just one big action sequence. No further progression of plot. The show has a lot of possibilities and hopefully someday we will get a sequel that could expand on the background of the kabane and how and why the virus spread. There is tons of well animated action and the background music and OST is spot on. This is a real hidden gem of an anime in my opinion. I was surprised it did not get much attention. Now I am just looking forward to a sequel. 

Studio wit may soon be becoming one of my fav studios to come up with seinen anime with unbridled gore and action. 

What do you think?

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