Sing Yesterday for Me

Spring 2020
Studio : Doga Kobo

It’s my fault for trying a coming of age slice of life type anime. It’s just not my thing. I guess some people enjoy them, but I watch movies and tv shows for escapism. Kudos to the writer for making a realistic anime with no extremes and the dullness of real life. But what’s the point in watching it then? 4 episodes in and I already know the show will just keep going from one love triangle to another and give an unsatisfying ending. Even if the main couple get together, it won’t be anything grand because they would be so used to being together anyway by that point. It does do a decent portrayal of friendships and romantic relationships, and how complicated and messy they can be. But what’s the point of watching a show about a down on his luck guy struggling to cope with his place in the society and at the same time juggling his own complex emotions and social life. I have enough of that in my own real life. 

I just found out that the manga went on for 18 years and looking at other people’s reviews, it never went anywhere. Every character had depth to them but their story never really got a proper conclusion. This anime is just not my cup of tea. I need something to happen. I cannot watch a show or a movie where characters just keep talking without any progress in any direction. I think scum’s wish handled messed up relationships way better. That show went to some really dark places. At least it had that going for it. Yesterday wo utatte is just a bunch of friends hanging out, wasting time in love triangles, with the most mellow yet boring adaptation I have ever seen. The music, voice acting, visuals, are all amazing, but I personally found little substance to grasp on in the show. I may have the attention span of a 1 year old puppy. So if you like a coming of age, slice of life anime with realism and interesting life like characters, do check it out. But don’t expect to be blown away by anything in the show. It is just like real life.

What do you think?

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