I am Daena May. The resident nerd in this corner of the interwebs. Daena May is an anagram of my real name. I love watching movies, tv shows, playing video games and listening to music. I love talking about these things even more. Sadly I do not know enough people in real life that would engage in a discussion of the same with me. So I created this blog in hopes of putting my thoughts out there and to see if people agree or disagree. I always welcome any corrections or constructive criticism. I also love checking out lesser known movies or tv shows or music, in English or other languages, that only appeal to niche audiences. I do not post spoilers unless I specify in advance. Hope you have a pleasant time here. English is not my first language, so please pardon any errors. 

Fun Fact : I was born the same year as Jurassic Park was released and I consider it my soul movie.

Certain rules I believe in when it comes to movies :

1. Doesn’t matter how good something looks, if the plot and characters are bad, it’s bad. Consequently some of the most scrappy looking media has the most wonderful story telling.



What do you think?

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