Guilty Crown Opening and Ending Thoughts

Heavy spoilers ahead!! It took me a year to finish but I finally did it. It's not a simple show about good vs evil nor is it a Japanese high school slice of life drama. It's about bearing the guilt of using your friends, their mind body and soul. Shu ouma is a 16 year… Continue reading Guilty Crown Opening and Ending Thoughts

Into the forest of fireflies’ light (蛍火の杜へ)Review

Have you ever met people who come and go like seasons but affect you so deeply that you resonate with those memories for the rest of your life, then welcome, into the forest of fireflies' light. Based on a one shot manga by Yuki Midorikawa, 'into the forest of fireflies' is a one shot romantic… Continue reading Into the forest of fireflies’ light (蛍火の杜へ)Review

Fake Love (二セコイ)Ep-1, First impression, 2014

* The hiragana up there is read as 'nisekoi'*   The following is a reaction response to the first episode to the anime 'Nisekoi', released on 11 Jan, 2014 by studio Shaft. It is a reaction post, it obviously has spoilers. The series opens with a little scene displayed as if shot on a cellulite… Continue reading Fake Love (二セコイ)Ep-1, First impression, 2014