Deadman Wonderland Ep 1-3 First impressions

Because it is only a first impression, I am not going to rant about the things I dont like. And since I am not in a state to review this anime, this post does not have spoilers. Well I can assure you at least 80% of it is spoiler free. Deadman wonderland is a shounen… Continue reading Deadman Wonderland Ep 1-3 First impressions

Blue exorcist (青のエクソシスト) Review

Release date : 17, April, 2011 Based on : ongoing manga (by Kazue Kato) Animation studio : A1 Pictures Inc. Director : Tensai Okamura Writer : Ryota Yamaguchi Score Composer : Hiroyuki Sawano The Story: Ao no exorcist is set against a backdrop of present day Japan with the plotline revolving around stories of demons… Continue reading Blue exorcist (青のエクソシスト) Review